You've taken a look at our amazing existing users but are looking for even more control over who takes your test? 

Then our Private Panel could be perfect for you. 

In this short video you’ll learn about how you can use a private panel, who can help you and why it’s perfect for testing all over the world.

Psssst...don't have time to watch the video? No problem, check out the transcript below:

How to use a Private Panel (for beginners!)


Hello and welcome to how to use a private panel (for beginners)


I’m Clare, I’m the Customer Marketing Manager here at WhatUsersDo

SLIDE 3 - What is a private panel?

The first question here is what is a private panel? Well, basically it’s anything that falls outside of our existing panels, based in the UK, USA, The Netherlands, France and Germany. In these panels we’ve got over 30,000 active users along with information about their age, gender and income level. So, it may well be that these cover what you’re looking for but if not a private panel offers you a further chance to control who takes your tests. 

SLIDE 4 - How do I get one?

How do you get access to the private panel? It depends on which plan you’re on with us.

If you're on an Unlimited plan, you already have a Private Panel option included! 

Project plan customers: get going with 30 credits 

Research plan customers: you’ll be able to get your Private Panel project with 20 credits in conjunction with your UX researcher. 

 If you’re not sure which plan you’re on or want to find out more just check with your Customer Success Manager.

One thing to keep in mind is that your Private Panel is just that - yours. They will remain separate from the main WhatUsersDo panel and cannot be used for testing by WhatUsersDo or our clients.

SLIDE 5 - Why is it so great?

The other thing to know is that we can either do the recruiting for you or you can use your existing customers. Obviously every private panel is different but here’s what’s great about them:
You’ll be able to go after the sort of people who might be less likely to join general consumer panels. These people will often be those with specific area knowledge, like doctors, lawyers or engineers. 

You can get access to people in countries outside our standard panels in the UK, US, France, Germany, and Netherlands. For example we’ve done private panels in Nigeria, New Zealand and Hong Kong, to name but a few. 

You might well already have existing relationships with your customer base who’ve given feedback in the past, why not keep that going? You can specifically invite them to join the private panel.

You can also use your existing customer database as a starting point. For example, those who shop regularly with you online but haven’t downloaded your app. 

SLIDE 6 - How it works

So if you’re interested in doing it for yours this is how it would work: 

  • You send out an invitation to your required audience segment 
  • Your customers sign up to be included on your panel
  • We'll manually approve all users within 1 working day to ensure the quality of your panel
  • You'll receive basic profile information about the members of your panel (email, name, and date-of-birth)
  • You'll have the option to display a personalised message to your Panel users through our platform
  • We'll pay members of your Panel for their time and insights via PayPal    (£/€/$5 per test as standard)

SLIDE 7 - Top tips

Finally here are the top tips for getting the best out of your private panel:

  • Bigger is better. Consider inviting up to four times as many users as you actually need, that way you’re much more likely to to get the amount you need. For example, if you're looking to test with 40 users, invite 160
  • Be patient and stick with it! If it’s taking longer than expected to get the users your need, keep inviting them until you get the required amount of people on your private panel
  • Keep them busy! Test regularly to keep your panel engaged

    Just something to be aware of. If users on your private panel don’t complete enough tests within 2 weeks, we’ll have to close the order – but don’t worry, the panel itself will remain open for 3 months.


That’s it! Good luck!

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