If you use VLC Media Player (a lot of us do!) and want to play back the user testing videos you've downloaded from the WhatUsersDo platform, you may have run into errors such as being able to hear the audio but not see the video.

How to fix it

All you need to do is increase the playback speed in VLC by 10% (which won't make a noticeable difference to the video).

You can do this by either pressing the right square bracket ( ] ) keyboard shortcut or going to Playback > Speed in the menu and selecting 'Faster' (for more info please refer to the VLC documentation).

Why does this happen?

In order to minimise the processing power required by our testers, we record screens at a relatively low frame rate. Though this is fine for capturing insights on your digital properties, VLC doesn't like this—so speeding up the video makes everyone play nice together.

Of course, you can always view and tag your videos in the WhatUsersDo platform with no worries!

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