The three ways you can test with WhatUsersDo are with our Project, Unlimited, and Research plans.


This is our pay-as-you-go option for ad-hoc testing. You can purchase credits in packs of 10 (1 credit = 1 user video) for £650.


We have three tiers of Unlimited testing—Start, Grow, and Scale. These plans remove the credit cap (subject to fair usage), allowing you to test regularly across multiple devices and audiences without having to worry about running out of testing credits.

Annual pricing starts at £10K for the Start tier. 


As with our Project and Unlimited plans, our Research plan gives you full access to the WhatUsersDo platform and panel—the main difference being that our in-house team of UX researchers will be on hand to set up, analyse, and present insights from your testing.

You can get in touch to get a tailored Research quote for your needs.

For a full cost and features breakdown, go to our plans and pricing page.

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