To create a bookmark or clip:

  1. Click on the Insert Tag button in the top-right corner of the video player.
  2. In the Add new tag window that pops up, give your tag a title—something that briefly describes the problem or moment of insight
  3. Select a tag type from the dropdown, categorising the tag as either a High, Medium or Low severity issue, a Positive comment, a Suggestion, or something else (Other)
  4. Add an optional comment that describes the tag in more detail
  5. Set a Start Time and End Time for the clip to set the clip's position and duration. Clicking on the arrows will move these times back and forwards in 5-second increments, and Use current time will set the time to the current time of the video player

You can play your clip from start to finish with the Preview button, or hit Submit to add your tag to the tag menu on the side of the screen. Share or download your clips to show to others in your organisation. Happy tagging!

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