In a word: no!

We continue to make the platform as easy as possible to use for those from a UX and non-UX background alike to pick up and run with from day one. Our customers come from a wide range of professions, from marketers and eCommerce managers to designers and product managers, many of whom are incorporating UX into their day-to-day roles for the first time.

Although it helps to apply UX best practice to your testing for the best results, we emphasise that the most important thing for getting started with UX is simply getting exposure to your customers, because that's where all of your decisions should stem from.

If you're really stuck (or simply don't have the time or resources to set up, run and analyse UX testing projects yourself), then you can always turn to our expert in-house team of UX researchers—anyone on a Research plan will have the benefit of fully scoped-out testing and insights conducted by our NN/g certified team.

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