If you want to run UX testing with your actual customers (and not just people who are like them), you can recruit your very own user panel to the WhatUsersDo platform to test with.

We call this a Private Panel, as anyone you recruit using this method will be completely exclusive to you—think of it as your own personal tester base!

When should I use a Private Panel?

Most of the time, you'll be able to screen for the exact users you need on the existing WhatUsersDo panel. However, Private Panel allows you to get feedback directly from your own customers and end-users. Ideal for when you need:

  • Domain experts, such as doctors, civil engineers, or financial Advisors (who don't tend to join general consumer panels)
  • People in countries outside of the UK, US, France, Germany, and Netherlands
  • Members of your own Customer Panel who have already consented to giving feedback
  • Specific segments of your customer database — for example, recent magazine subscribers who have not yet downloaded your app

How does it work?

We've made it as easy as possible to get started with your very own Private Panel. Here's a quick rundown of the details:

  • You send out an invitation to your required audience segment 
  • Your customers sign up to be included on your panel
  • We'll manually approve all users within 1 working day to ensure the quality of your panel
  • You'll receive basic profile information about the members of your panel (email, name, and date-of-birth)
  • You'll have the option to display a personalised message to your Private Panel users through our platform
  • We'll pay members of your Private Panel for their time and insights via PayPal (£/€/$ 5 per test as standard)

You'll get your Private Panel all to yourself — your folks will remain separate from the main WhatUsersDo panel and cannot be used for testing by WhatUsersDo or our clients.

How do I get in on the action?

  • Unlimited plan customers: If you're on an Unlimited plan, you already have a Private Panel option included! Just get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to find out more.
  • Project plan customers: get going with 30 credits for £1,500
  • Research plan customers: kick off your Private Panel project with 20 credits for £6,000

Get in touch with us to find out about recruiting your own Private Panel!


How to get the most out of your Private Panel

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