You can find the Instant Audiences option by navigating to Start a Test > Users, and selecting the Instant Audiences button when choosing your Panel

What are Instant Audiences?

Instant audiences are ready-made user categories that we've grouped together for you based on their shared characteristics or lifestyles. 

So, instead of having to pre-screen or filter for specific audiences, we’ve done the hard work and brought some of our most-requested audience groups to you. 

Select the Instant Audience of your choice from the dropdown menu

What are the different Instant Audience types?

Here's a breakdown of the different user groups you can choose from:

  • Digital naturals – people who use the Internet every day, at home or work, for 21+ hours per week
  • Online shoppers – people who use the Internet to buy goods or services, weekly or daily
  • Young professionals – 20-39 year olds who are in full- or part-time employment and in white- or pink-collar roles 
  • Homeowners – people who either have a mortgage or own a home outright
  • Parents – people with 1 or more children under the age of 18

Once you've selected the Instant Audience of your choice, you can proceed with designing and launching your test as usual!

Currently, Instant Audiences are only available for testing with UK- and US-based audiences. As we roll things out further, we will start adding audiences for our other core countries.

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