Instant Audiences are ready-made groups of people who we have placed into shared lifestyle or demographic categories, based on our most-requested audience types.

That means if you're looking for a certain type of user to test with, you won't need to pre-screen or filter for specific audiences—you can just select from one of these groups!

Instant audiences include:

  • Digital naturals – people who use the Internet every day, at home or work, for 21+ hours per week
  • Online shoppers – people who use the Internet to buy goods or services, weekly or daily
  • Young professionals – 20-39 year olds who are in full- or part-time employment and in white- or pink-collar roles 
  • Homeowners – people who either have a mortgage or own a home outright
  • Parents – people with 1 or more children under the age of 18

You can select  Instant Audiences by going to Start a Test > Users and selecting Instant Audiences from the Panel section. 

From there, simply choose which Instant Audience you want to test with from the dropdown menu.

Hint: by default, the WhatUsersDo Panel will be selected in this section.

Learn more: Instant Audiences—what they are, and when to use them

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